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Skittle Pins and Balls



Lignum Vitae - Unknown
Angelim Vermelho - None available
Reconditioned Sets - Limited Smaller Range Available

Timber Available



Many players don't realise that there are regional variations to the game of skittles; whether it's the size and style of the skittle pins, the size or type of skittle ball used or even the way a player bowls or what is considered a legitimate score.

As an example the shape of pin used in Gloucestershire is different to those used in Bristol; whilst teams in the Swindon area use Rubber Skittle Balls whilst in Bristol they use Wooden or Composite Skittle Balls.

As a result there have been occasions where teams, pubs or clubs do not actually know what they need to order, and subsequently they order incorrect items for their league.

We are trying to avoid this and help teams, pubs or clubs order the correct equipment for their league. We would therefore advise before placing an order check to ensure you are ordering items that comply with you local league rules

We are looking to put together a Database of league variations; if you can advise details from your league we would be pleased to hear from you. To view our current list of styles of Skittle Pins and Skittle Balls Click Here.

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us either by email at or by telephone; please note as I work during the day I might not be able to take your call, leave a message and I will endeavour to get back to you.