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Skittle Pins and Balls



Lignum Vitae - Unknown
Angelim Vermelho - None available
Reconditioned Sets - Limited Smaller Range Available

Timber Available



We Supply Skittle Pins manufactured from either Beech or Sycamore and finished with Linseed or Danish Oil ready for use. All our pins are turned from a Single piece of wood and supplied unmarked*. We can produce sets for most regions however the Gloucester and Bristol† style tend to be the most popular so we endeavour to keep a small stock when demand is likely to increase. Our main sizes are 10" or 12", with or without the 15" Landlord pin and are happy to produce custom pins. In such cases specifications must be supplied in writing for any orders, including subsequent repeat orders. You are advised to read our Timber Statement prior to purchasing.

Unsure of your Pin Style Click Here to view the various styles and sizes (opens in new window). Alternatively you can download a copy by Clicking Here. Before purchasing it is recommended that you visit our Selection Advice page to ensure you order the correct items. You can also find information on how to preserve your Pins and Balls by Clicking Here.

Teams, Pubs or Clubs are responsible for ensuring they order the correct style and/or size of Skittle Pins or Balls. Items are turned to order therefore you may be requested to place your order in writing (text or email) before they are turned. Should you order incorrectly, if unused the items may be returned; however there will be a £25 restocking charge on top of any additional costs. I reserve the right not to accept returned items if they are as per your order (e.g. if used or custom for a limited region). Please note if sets are used I will not do an exchange. I have had to introduce this policy due to a increase in instances where the wrong item has been ordered.

Gloucester Style Pins

Bristol Style Pins

Hereford Style Pins

Somerset / Devon Style Pins
with Landlord Pin

Glamorgan Style
(Single Pin)
(9 Pins)
(10 Pins)
8" x 3"GlamorganBeech or Sycamore£17.50£150.00£TBC2-3 Weeks
10" x 3"GlamorganBeech or Sycamore£17.50£150.00£TBC2-3 Weeks
10" x 4"Bristol†Beech or Sycamore£17.50£150.00£TBC2-3 Weeks
10" x 4 1/4"Gloucester or Bristol†Beech or Sycamore£20.00£150.00£170.002-3 Weeks
10" x 4 1/2"Gloucester or Bristol†Beech or Sycamore£20.00£150.00£170.002-3 Weeks
10" x 4 3/4"Gloucester or Bristol†Sycamore£20.00£155.00£175.002-3 Weeks
10" x 5"GloucesterSycamore£20.00£155.00£175.002-3 Weeks
12" x 5"GloucesterSycamore£23.00£200.00£220.002-3 Weeks
12" x 5" with Landlord"Somerset / Devon‡Sycamore£ enquire£230.00£ enquire2-3 Weeks
12" x 5 1/2" with Landlord"Somerset / Devon‡Sycamore£ enquire£ enquire£ enquire2-3 Weeks
15" x 4 7/8"HerefordSycamore£ enquire£ enquire£TBCenquire

Availability will vary depending on stocks; for delivery charges please visit the How To Order page.

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us either by email or by telephone; please note as I work during the day I might not be able to take your call, leave a message and I will endeavour to get back to you.

* - Pins can be marked, this may increase availability timescale, please enquire when ordering
† - Bristol sets supplied with or without Fat Annie pin; please specify when ordering
‡ - Somerset / Devon pins can be turned in either Diamond; Gloucester or Bristol Shape, please specify when ordering