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Skittle Pins and Balls



Lignum Vitae - Unknown
Angelim Vermelho - None available
Reconditioned Sets - Limited Smaller Range Available

Timber Available



Are your current set of skittle balls looking tired? Are they oval in shape? Are they too large or two heavy? Can your team not afford a new set?

If the answer to any one if these is yes then have you ever thought about having your current set skimmed?

We are able to skim sets of Lignum Vitae; Angelim Vermelho. Wooden; Tufnol or Permali Skittle Balls, giving your existing set a new lease of life. Please be aware that skimming will remove material therefore the set will be smaller and lighter than previously, however your team may prefer this and it would be a more economical option.

The cost of skimming a set of 3 Skittle Balls is between £40 - £50; the price will depend on whether we need to fill any of the chips in order to retain a reasonable size.

Please note to have your existing set of Skittle Balls skimmed they will be unavailable for between 3-6 weeks dependant on the time of the season; so please don't ask 2 weeks before the new season starts and expect them ready for the first game as we cannot guarantee this. If we for-see any potential problems we will advise before skimming and if necessary return unskimmed, however once we start turning you will be charged. We will endeavour to retain the set as large as possible and try and provide an indication of the final size prior to skimming. Sets will be returned varnished and looking like new.

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us either by email or by telephone; please note as I work during the day I might not be able to take your call, leave a message and I will endeavour to get back to you.