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Skittle Pins and Balls



Lignum Vitae - Unknown
Angelim Vermelho - None available
Reconditioned Sets - Limited Smaller Range Available

Timber Available



Are you looking for a set of skittle balls? Is there not enough if your teams kitty for a new set? Have you considered purchasing a refurbished set?

We purchase old sets and refurbish them so they are like new and sell them at a much reduced price. Availability is down to what sets we obtain, only available sets are listed. All are SOLD AS SEEN, no refunds or replacements can be offered. Please Note Delivery charges will apply where sets need to be sent by courier.

We receive enquiries regarding refurbishing Wooden Skittle Pins; unfortunately this is rarely possible as in most cases the wood has dried out so much that if turned pieces would break off. Topping and Tailing (i.e. reducing the height of the pin but cutting the ends to make the base flat) is possible, and we apply Linseed Oil however it is extremely unlikely that we could refurbish.

Demand for Refurbished sets of Skittle Balls is becoming extremely high, please note the following:

• Availability is dependant on the sale of New Sets and the Customer willing to sell or use their old set in part exchange.
• It is extremely rare to obtain a Refurbished Set larger than 4 3/4" Diameter.
• Skittle Balls are skimmed and re-polished and look like new and Sold As Seen.
• Skittle Pins are skimmed; oiled and may be painted to look like new and Sold As Seen.

The following items are currently available

4 7/8" Tufnol Skittle Balls
Like New; ideal for teams in Gloucestershire Leagues; balls will not chip; approx weight 1.265Kg (2lb 12oz) Per Ball
Provisionally Reserved
4 1/2" Redwood
Like New; ideal for leagues that use smaller sets such as Bristol or South Wales; approx weight 0.796Kg (1lb 12oz) Per Ball
4 3/16" Lignum Vitae Skittle Balls
Small Set of 3 ideal for a Ladies Team in a league that uses Small pins
4 1/16" Lignum Vitae Skittle Balls
Small Set ideal for Children

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us either by email at or by telephone; please note as I work during the day I might not be able to take your call, leave a message and I will endeavour to get back to you.