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Skittle Pins and Balls



Lignum Vitae - Unknown
Angelim Vermelho - None available
Reconditioned Sets - Limited Smaller Range Available

Timber Available



This page offers advice to assist you in purchasing the right items for your Team, Pub or Club. You can also find information on how to maintain your equipment so they last longer by Clicking Here. Please also read the Timber Statement; a copy is supplied with every new sale. Skittles is extremely abusive and the equipment will suffer from wear and tear during usage.

The type of Skittle Pins and Skittle Balls varies by Region and Leagues; we are looking to put together a Database of styles and sizes allowed by Leagues to ensure we supply the correct items. To keep the list correct it would be appreciated if; when making an enquiry you could supply the following information; Name of Your League, Region, Skittle Pin and Skittle Ball Specifications.

If you are unsure what you require, by prior arrangement I'm always happy for team members to visit so they can look at sample skittle pins and/or skittle balls to see what suits best; better than getting a set too large or too small (both has happened).

• Skittles is an abusive game so please be aware of the condition of your alley prior to purchasing. Items such as proud nail heads can cause damage and replacement will not be guaranteed if items are damaged in such a way.
• Ensure that you can store your items safely and securely in a cool and dry location - You don't want to lose them.
• Don't forget to check with your League to ensure the items you purchase fall within their rules.
• Check with your team to see what size Skittle Balls they require; diameter is more important than weight. Your players need to be able to hold the ball to be able to better bowl down the alley.
• Not sure of the Diameter of your Skittle Balls or Skittle Pins? Use our Simple Diameter Calculator; Click Here to calculate the size from the Circumference.
• Where weights are stated they are for guidance, if possible pop down and visit so you can feel the size and weight (unfortunately I don't have any sample Skittle Balls).
• Larger Pins don't necessarily guarantee bigger scores as they are heavier and will require more force to make the pins fly about; however the ball will do more work.
• To Mark your Skittle Balls we advise using INDELIBLE INK or drilling a small hole and inserting a GOLF TEE with Super Glue. Some teams mark by drilling small holes - DON'T DRILL TOO DEEP. Do not insert Nails or a Wood Dowel*.
• To Mark Your Skittle Pins we suggest using ELECTRICAL TAPE as an alternative to paint as you can rotate the Front Pin. If you are having problems getting Tape or Paint to adhere to the Wood due to the Oil we advise applying PVA Multibond Adhesive to the area on the Pin you wish to Mark.

If you require any further information please feel free to contact us either by email at or by telephone; please note as I work during the day I might not be able to take your call, leave a message and I will endeavour to get back to you.

* - Please note we cannot take responsibility for items which have a fault after they have been marked by drilling or nails or dowels inserted